the house of dis noradhu

THE HOUSE OF DIS functions as a tattoo-parlor, little gallery and shop (private for now). In other words; the place that houses most of my endeavors…


As a tattooist, I offer my own designs (as FLASH) for inking. You can find info on how that works by hitting this link RIGHT HERE!


At my ‘ONLINE MINIMART’ you can find a few of my original pieces, decorative objects, prints and other curiosities.


Oh..and I’ve got a small project ‘on the side’ called the CITY OF DISMANIA. If you feel like going down a little rabbit-hole, feel free to visit the place!








If you harbor any questions don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I’ll answer as swiftly as possible


Location (only by appointment for now):

The House Of Dis

Kasteelstraat 47

9620 Zottegem



Gratefully, playfully, yours

NoraDhu Aster

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